MJ! Hold'em Poker
One of the first poker game components built from scratch for the Joomla CMS.

This component is written entirely in pure DHTML and PHP, using the power of the latest version of Mootools. (no flash)

The administration panel allows you to create as many poker rooms as you want, and create custom gaming tables. You can also add your own logo or some sponsor on each table.

MJ Hold'em Poker offers a challenging game environment, including a system of direct CHAT to talk live with other players.

Security is at the heart of the implementation of MJ Hold'em Poker, and although the application is not recommended for use with real money, the system offers greater protection to deter cheaters.

The social world is not left out because MJ Hold'em Poker integrates seamlessly with popular platforms for social networks such as JomSocial and Community Builder.


  • Private room, protected with password
  • A way to watch a game in real time without entering a table.
  • The bank system, now we can play with points only and we can buy or exchange chips with points.
  • Robots players. The new bot are using real joomla user, you can have different bots (name and avatar)  for each table in a room.
  • You can now have a different background for each table (very cool for sponsor)
  • 100% compatible with all web browsers. Flash is not required.
  • Ability to customize your gaming, add your logo, or your sponsor.
  • No limit of players, rooms, or tables
  • Live Chat to speak with other players in real time
  • Multi-lingual system
  • Integration with JomSocial, Community Builder, Kunena forum and AlphaUserPoints for players avatar and info
  • Support points system from JomSocial and AlphaUserPoints
  • 6 months of free updates
  • Access to VIP Support
  • 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee

Screen Shot from the admin side