Ko! Who's There

Ko! Who's There is the best monitoring extension for Joomla, versatile, powerful and sometime scary ;O)

Sees all your visitors live on Google's maps. You cannot believe how much noise we have on the web. Because of that this extension includes a basic filtering system to remove all garbage from your visits. You can bypass ip's or block them for good.

See what your members are doing, this extension allows you to see who's is a regular visitor and who's is one of your members. You can track down all the step they did and all the pages they see.

The secret behind this app, it's using a system plugin to record your traffic (directly on the server) not a JavaScript line you put into your template or module (client side). Because of that you can monitor all kinds of traffic like rss feed and direct access to page with soap or ajax.

See through the eyes of the visitor in order to streamline the user experience and remove any potential obstacles or dead ends in your website.

You can tag referrers with readable name and pin point where your traffic is coming.
With this extension, you can see who's trying to enter your administration panel or try to harm your Joomla.

This extension is also very cool, If you give access to someone in your admin panel for support, with this app, you can see what they did and all the pages they see in your administration in live time or the next day.

You really need to know Who's There...

Below, some cool screen shot from the admin side (Check how I spot my last hacking, 1755 attempts on my /administrator/ and how I block it easily.)

Screen Shot from the admin side